What's In Store?

Here you can view some of our latest items. Our range is always evolving, with new stock appearing in store daily, so make sure you stay up to date.

20240523 102215049 Ios

Antique Large Victorian Windsor Chair


More Photos upon request

Img 9910

Beautiful Barbola 1930s Mirror

20240430 135050311 Ios

Vintage Chinoiserie Writing Bureau With Key

20240419 134649676 Ios

Antique Mid 19th Century Copper Jardiniere/Log Basket

20240419 111112991 Ios

Antique Early 19th Pos Late 18th Century Pig Bench


The term ‘pig bench’ is often given to substantial single plank timber trestles or benches that, historically would have been made from hardwood with four fixed or removable legs.

20240419 073313105 Ios

Antique Early 18th Century Oak Coffer

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